For many practitioners, we are faced with challenges related to staff performance, productivity and efficiency, business related matters, and complex change across the organization we work for or lead. Fortunately, there exists within our own field research- based practice in the context of the workplace, namely organizational behavior management (OBM). For decades now, obm practitioners and researchers have identified a series of tools and techniques to improve and sustain human performance in organizational settings. Many ABA practitioners do not get educated or trained in OBM formally, and over the last several years many OBM practitioners have begun introducing OBM to the ABA clinical practitioner to close the gap. The focus of this 3.5 credit CEU workshop is to provide OBM practices for ABA practitioners who are interested or are already pursuing launching their own business.

Learning Objectives

(1) Identify the four core OBM concepts and principles for the business owner; (2) List the challenges for each core concept and principle and potential solutions to resolve the challenges; (3) List the common performance challengers ABA companies face and research based solutions; (4) List the 5 P’s of an OBM Project.; (5) Review how to apply the 7 dimensions of ABA to an OBM work scope; (6) Review a stage gate approach to managing an OBM project; (7) Review various practices in running an ABA company ethically; (8) Identify organizational systems to support the practitioner and the business; (9) Understand common issues ABA business owners ask about and how to address them from an OBM and business perspective.


Manuel "Manny" Rodriguez, DBA, BCBA

CEO, Bueno Adventures

Manuel “Manny” Rodriguez, throughout his career, has sought new challenges and opportunities that allow him to grow professionally. His expectations of himself are higher, though, when he seeks to lead organizations to be world class. Over the course of his life, he has worked to achieve excellence both academically and professionally. He currently is CEO of Bueno Ventures Management Services, a venture capital and management services firm working with small to mid-size businesses to grow and scale using behavioral science techniques to make positive differences in the world. Accomplishments across his career include launching management consultancies earning more than a half-million dollars within the first year, strategy execution of change management efforts for Fortune 500 companies and national and international speaking engagements on subjects such as organizational behavior management (OBM), entrepreneurship and consulting. He has also co-authored the four-volume book, “OBM Applied! A Practical Guide to Implementing Organizational Behavior Management” and another book “Quick Wins! Accelerating School Transformation through Science, Engagement, and Leadership.” Manny had the great honor of serving as President and Executive Director of the OBM Network, growing the organization to 400+ professional members. In addition, Manny has helped launched successful startups, and recently began leading the OBM Alliance, an organization dedicated to the growth of OBM practitioners across the globe. Manny received a master’s degree in applied behavior analysis at the Florida Institute of Technology, and a dual bachelor’s degree in criminology and psychology from Florida State University in Tallahassee, Florida. He has a Doctorate of Business Administration from the University of South Florida’s MUMA College of Business.

Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Course Introduction

    • Course Materials

    • Introduction to Course

    • Learning Objectives

  • 2

    Part I: OBM Core Concepts and Principles for the Business Owner

    • Introduction

    • Behavior, Accomplishment, and Results

    • Pinpointing and Analyzing Behavior

    • Goal Setting

    • Systems Thinking

    • OBM Practices for the ABA Business Owner-Checklist 1

  • 3

    Part II: Common Performance Challenges ABA Companies Face

    • Introduction

    • Common Performance Challenges ABA Companies Face

    • Supervision

    • Staff Burnout and Turnover: Part 1

    • Staff Burnout and Turnover: Part 2

    • Professional Development: Part 1

    • Professional Development: Part 2

    • Ethics

    • OBM Practices for the ABA Business Owner-Checklist 2

  • 4

    Part III: OBM Strategic Projects

    • Introduction

    • OBM Strategic Projects

    • The 5 P's of an OBM Project

    • Applying the 7 Dimensions of ABA

    • Use a Stage Gate Model

    • OBM Practices for the ABA Business Owner-Checklist 3

  • 5

    Part IV: OBM, Ethics, and the ABA Industry

    • Introduction

    • Overview of OBM, Ethics, and the ABA Industry

    • Ethics and OBM

    • Demand for Behavior Analysis

    • What Are We Trying to Avoid?

    • Adopting the BACB Code

    • Organizational Systems to Promote Ethical Behavior

    • Leadership Behaviors to Influence Ethical Behavior

    • Problem Solving Ethical Dilemmas

    • OBM Practices for the ABA Business Owner-Checklist 4

  • 6

    Q&A Session with Manny Rodriguez, M.S., BCBA & Brian Conners, Ph.D., BCBA

    • Q&A of Common Questions from ABA Business Owners Answered

  • 7

    Final Quiz

    • Directions for Quiz

    • Final Quiz

  • 8

    Participant Survey

    • Directions for Participant Survey

    • OBM for Behavior Analysts as a Business Owner Participant Survey