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    Course Materials

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    Behaviour Analysis in Mainstream Secondary Education

    • Part 1: Introduction

    • Part 2: Behavior Logging and 1:1 Sessions

    • Part 3: Tips for Organizing Caseload

    • Part 4: Assessment and Intervention

    • Part 6: Case Example 1

    • Part 7: Case Example 2

    • Part 8: School Systems

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    • Directions for Quiz

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Course Instructor

Samantha Jade Parker, BSc (Hons), MSc, PGDip, BCBA


Samantha is a BCBA based in a mainstream secondary school in the UK. The individuals she works with often have social and emotional difficulties, learning difficulties and/or mental health problems. She also works self-employed under Achieve Behaviour Consultancy. Prior to this she worked in adult care as a Positive Behaviour Support Practitioner with individuals with severe challenging behaviour and learning disabilities, additionally she worked in SEN/mainstream education as a teaching assistant and as a support worker for individuals with learning disabilities. During her masters she had work experience in a prison, and in a mental health setting, and found these areas so interesting that she wanted to direct her work as a BCBA towards these areas, whilst still specialising in autism and learning difficulties.